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Gas Transmitter H2S

The CD-700 Gas Transmitter H2S is a versatile device, available with over 10 types of gas and dust sensors. Also measures temperature, and humidity levels. It offers the added functionality of controlling ventilation and temperature through two relays. For enhanced convenience, the transmitter supports various output options such as RS-485Modbus communication and analog voltage/current 4/20ma.

more than 10 types of environmental gas and dust sensors. (CxHy, CO2, H2S, NH3, NO2, NO, SO2, H2, O3, PM, etc.)

Its convenience lies in its ability to measure, manage, and control complex gases by seamlessly integrating various types of sensors within the standardized CD-700 format.

Airwave Electronics proudly carries the complete ELT product line. To learn more about which instruments suit your unique needs, contact us or download the brochure.


Low concentration hydrogen sulfide sensor (0~100.0ppm) : Measuring hydrogen sulfide
concentration in locations with transformers and hydrogen generation, etc.

Sensor Technologies include:

  • H2S (Electro Chemical, EC)
  • Optional Temperature (RTC) and Humidity sensor (Semiconductor type)
    • Pre-Calibrated for Concentration and Temperature
    • Precise gas concentration & temperature calibration
    • Individual inspection of all products before shipment
  • RS-485 Modbus Communication (default)
  • Analog Output (Voltage/Current) (4∼20mA/0∼10V) – One output option to be selected between RS485 Modbus or Analog output.
  • Re-calibration function
    • Supports Zero only or Zero + Span user calibrations
  • Change of relay value (only LCD option)
    • H2, Temp. relay range is adjustable with button on the Front Cover.
  • Power: 24V DC, AC.
  • Size: 123mmx70mmx48mm (130g)
Gas Transmitter Product Shot
  • Measurement Range : 0.0~100.0ppm
  • Accuracy : ±3% F.S.
  • Input Power : 3wired 24VDC ± 20%
  • Output : RS-485 Modbus(default)
  • 4~20mA, 0~20mA, 0~10V, 2~10V(option)
Gas Transmitter with LCD
Gas Transmitter No LCD