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Established in 1984, Airwave Electronics Ltd. is a Canadian company specializing in the sales of gas detection equipment.

Gas detection technology and industrial safety solutions from Airwave Electronics Canada. With a global footprint, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge gas detection technologies and consultative services to the industrial sector, ensuring the safety and well-being of personnel and assets worldwide.

At Airwave Electronics Canada, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive range of gas detection solutions designed to meet the unique needs of diverse industries. From manufacturing plants to oil and gas facilities, our state-of-the-art technology provides reliable and accurate detection of potentially hazardous gases, enabling proactive risk mitigation and ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards.

Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzers

We are a leader in gas analyzers, offering the utmost in accuracy and reliability.

Gas Detectors

Gas Detectors

Prevent exposure to dangerous gases with our single-gas and multi-gas detectors.

Gas Calibrators

Gas Calibrators

We offer portable, lightweight gas calibrators that operate using proven technology.

Calibration Gas

Calibration Gases

Eco-conscious refillable cylinders and disposable cylinders of a wide range of calibration gases.

ELT CO2 Sensor Module<br />

ELT CO2 Sensor Modules

We carry the ELT T-110 and ELT S-300 CO2 sensor modules.

Aviation Products

Aviation Products

Aviation safety products and survival equipment. Including Solar powered.

Gas Detection Consultative Approach

What sets us apart is not just our advanced technology, but also our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team of experts goes beyond providing off-the-shelf solutions; we collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific challenges and tailor our offerings to meet their exact requirements. This consultative approach allows us to develop customized gas monitoring and detection strategies that enhance safety protocols and streamline operations.

In addition to our cutting-edge detection devices, we offer a comprehensive suite of calibration equipment and calibration gases. Precision is paramount in gas detection, and our calibration solutions ensure the accuracy and reliability of your monitoring systems. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our services, making Airwave Electronics Canada the trusted partner for industries where safety is non-negotiable.

As a company driven by innovation, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently investing in research and development to bring forth the latest breakthroughs in gas detection. This proactive approach ensures that our clients benefit from state-of-the-art solutions that anticipate and address evolving safety challenges in the industrial landscape.

Choose Airwave Electronics Canada for unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to safety that extends across borders. Experience the confidence that comes with having a reliable partner in gas detection and industrial safety.


We Offer an Extensive Gas Detection Product Line

Products include air pollution monitors, data acquisition/control equipment, stationary gas detection systems, portable personal gas detectors, gas calibrators, gas permeation devices, and solid state gas sensors.


We Serve a Diversified Client Base

While our primary focus is on industrial and environmental applications, our products are used in a range of application across several industries.


Our Products are Used in a Wide Variety of Applications

From small scale quality control to cross-country pipeline monitoring, our proven technologies are useful in a variety of applications.