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About the Hydrocarbon Analyzer


The AE2420 Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer is a compact instrument used for monitoring ambient concentrations of total hydrocarbons. Its simple and dependable design permits safe operation for air monitoring requirements. No other unit can match its sensitivity, response speed and reliability. This instrument far exceeds present requirements and is the logical investment for the more demanding needs of the future.

Proven detection methods and modern technology have provided the model 2420 HC analyzer with fast, accurate response times and minimum maintenance requirements. The model 2420 is ideal in multiple channel systems where speed and reliability are critical.

Operation Principal:

The model 2420 hydrocarbon gas analyzer utilizes an established Flame Ionization Detector (FID) to detect the presence of hydrocarbons. This design allows the model 2420 to perform throughout the multiple ranges with the minimum accuracy of 0.1 ppm.

The sample air is drawn via an external vacuum pump into the FID where it is burned and any hydrocarbon molecules are converted to ions. An electrostatic field in the burner cause the ions to migrate and collect on an electrode. An electric current is produced which is proportional to the concentration of the hydrocarbons present in the sample air.

High Reliability:

Most components on the model 2420 have more than 5 years expected life. They are carefully located and mounted so that troubleshooting can be accomplished in only minutes. The model 2420 has no expensive “built-in” maintenance requirements, regular changes of corrosive liquids or vibration sensitive alignments.

Analyzer Stability:

Careful attention to thermal electric control of the burner block assembly and flow control devices result in zero and span stability that can remain within specifications from weeks to months. The model 2420 design focuses on stable and reliable performance, and ease of service and maintenance.


Hydrogen can be supplied from approved generators or cylinders. Cylinders are often manifolded for infrequent exchange. The model 2420 HC analyzer is specifically designed for the safe use of hydrogen. All models automatically stop the flow of hydrogen or otherwise have excess dilution of air to eliminate the combustion hazard.


The model 2420 hydrocarbon gas analyzer is housed in a rugged aluminum case suitable for bench or rack mounting. Valves, filters, check valves, orifices, regulators are teflon, stainless steel, brass or other material of construction suitable for the particular application. Terminals and connectors are provided at the rear panel for external connections.

In addition to the basic model 2420, Airwave provides a variety of options and accessories to meet most users requirements.

hydrocarbon gas analyzer


  • Stable base line
  • Proven technology
  • Low detection limit
  • Large 1 inch display
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No wet chemistry
  • Fast response time
  • Linear output in ppm range
  • Single or multiple channels
  • Optional non-methane output
  • Temperature controlled