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Carbon Monoxide 3 Series Gas Sensor (CO)

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The Carbon Monoxide 3 Series Gas Sensor (NH3)

The Carbon Monoxide 3 Series Gas Sensor is suitable for most applications where size is not a concern. With a larger body giving longer life and exceptional performance, these sensors are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Available in toxic formats only.

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  • Three Sizes of Sensors Available
  • Oxygen and Toxic Gases
  • OEM Private Labeling Available
  • Ships from North America

Nominal Range 0 – 1000 ppm
Maximum Overload 2000 ppm
Expected Operation Life 3 years in air
Output Signal 120 +/- 20 nA/ppm
Resolution 1.0 ppm
Temperature Range – 30 °C to + 30 °C
Pressure Range Atmospheric +/-10 %

Ammonia 3 Series Gas Sensor

t90 Response Time < 30 sec
Relative Humidity Range 15 % to 90 % R.H. non-condensing
Typical Baseline Range (pure air, 20°C) – +/- 7 ppm
Maximum Zero Shift (+20°C to +40 °C) 2.0 ppm
Expected Long Term Output Drift < 1 % signal loss/month
Recommended Load Resistor 10 Ohm
Bias Voltage Not required
Repeatability < 2 % of signal
Output Linearity Linear

Weight ~ 28 g
Position Sensitivity None
Storage Life Six months in container
Recommended Storage Temperature 5 °C – 20 °C
Warranty Period 12 months from date of dispatch

3 Series Gas Sensor
3 series gas sensor top view
3 series gas sensor top view
gas sensor, standard awx gas sensor

Toxic Gas Sensors:

The toxic sensor works by reacting to the concentration diffused through a permeable membrane and reacting to chemicals to produce a linear output proportional to the con-centration. In addition, the toxic sensor incorporates a third reference electrode.

The reference electrode maintains the potential so the output remains fixed in respect to the sensing electrode. This maintains a stable baseline with no effects to atmospheric pressure.

Equivalent part numbers:

A2EF, AB012-J08