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About the Product


The AE4020  CO Monitor is a Vehicle gas detection system specifically designed for multiple-level  loading dock application. The Model AE4020 is a flexible fixed system expandable from 1 – 4 channels of carbon monoxide detection with each channel able to be assigned to a “zone”. Up to 4 zones can be configured with any combination of channel assignments each zone can provide up to two levels of time delayed normally-open or normally-closed contacts. The time delay is user selectable and can be set from 0 – 30 minutes.

Each channel has Lo and Hi Alarm. The Fail Alarm is triggered by sensor failure, downscale drive or power failure. A Fail Buss common to all channels energizes the fail relay. The Lo & Hi Alarm points are adjustable & normally set at 50 & 100 ppm respectively. The alarms activate separate 5 amp relays which can turn on various electrical devices such as fans and warning lights.

Example System

A typical system could have 8 channels of Carbon Monoxide detection with 3 zones of alarm. Channels 1, 2 & 3 are Zone 1; Channels 4, 5 & 6 are Zone 2; Channels 7 & 8 are Zone 3 (the zones are chosen arbitrarily for this example). This expansion capability is achieved by linking two 4 channel systems together. Because of modular design, any number of sensors and controllers can be linked together.

Each zone, upon a 50 ppm alarm from any of its channels, will actuate a 5 minute timer. If after 5 minutes, the concentration of Carbon Monoxide remains above 50 ppm, then relay contacts will close. The relay contacts will start an exhaust fan in that respective zone.

In this example, the Model AE4020 CO Monitor can still be expanded to provide individual Hi Alarm relay contacts per channel or per zone with or without time delays.

Gas Monitoring System


  • Economical
  • Multiple Channel
  • Adjustable Lo & Hi Alarm Points
  • 5 Amp Relay Contacts
  • Common Fail Alarm Buss
  • Selectable Zoning
  • Programmable & Multiple level time delays
  • Diffusion or Remote Sample
  • Metal Dust tight NEMA enclosure
  • Long sensor life
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Proven technology