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Gas Calibrators

We offer portable, lightweight gas calibrators that operate using proven technology. Choose a product below, or contact us directly to learn more.

AE100 Portable Gas Calibrator

The model AE100 and the AE102 are simple one step operation portable gas calibrators that are a continuous source of gas at a specific concentration and flow rate. 

AE102 Portable Gas Calibrator

Small and light weight, the model AE100 and the AE102 are self contained in a rugged case making them ideal for field calibrations while maintaining instrumentation shop standards.

AE105 Portable Gas Calibrator

The model AE105 portable gas calibrator provides a continuous source of specific concentrations. 

AE300 Electrochemical Gas Generator

Like our previous line of instruments, the new model 300 is capable of generating gas electrochemically, either intermittently or continuously. 

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