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The CD-700 transmitter is a versatile device, available with over 10 types of gas and dust sensors. Also measures temperature, and humidity levels. It offers the added functionality of controlling ventilation and temperature through two relays. For enhanced convenience, the transmitter supports various output options such as RS-485Modbus communication and analog voltage/current 4/20ma.

Manufactured by ELT SENSOR technology, a renowned company with two decades of expertise in gas sensors, the CD-700 series is recognized for its world-class quality and reliability. Beyond CO2 sensing, this series encompasses over 10 types of environmental gas and dust sensors, including CxHy, CO2, H2S, NH3, NO2, NO, SO2, H2, O3, and PM sensors.

What sets the CD-700 series apart is its ability to integrate multiple sensor types within the same format, facilitating the measurement, management, and control of complex gases. This comprehensive functionality makes it exceptionally convenient for a wide range of applications.

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