Aviation Products

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Industry-Leading Aviation Safety and Survival Equipment

AE-HP-WS Internally Illuminated Solar Wind Sock

Our AE-HP-WS Internally Illuminated Solar Wind Sock is made of the highest quality materials for ultimate durability in all kinds of weather.

AE-HP-R2 LED Airport Rotating Beacon

The AE-HP-R2 LED Airport Rotating Beacon is maintenance free, weatherproof beacon offering ≥100,000 hours typical lamp life.

AE-HP-G VHF Pilot Controlled Lighting Controller

This controller permits pilots to turn on airfield lights utilizing their existing the aircraft VHF 118-137 MHZ band radio when flying to an airport or heliport.

AH-LS/E Solar Powered Airport Runway Light

This solar powered runway light is suitable for those locations which are hard to lay the cable or lack of power supply.