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AE100 Portable Gas Calibrator

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About the Product


The model AE100 and the AE102 are simple one step operation portable gas calibrators that are a continuous source of gas at a specific concentration and flow rate. The AE100 offers single concentration calibrations while the AE102 offers dual concentrations. Small and light weight, the model AE100 and the AE102 are self contained in a rugged case making them ideal for field calibrations while maintaining instrumentation shop standards. The AE100/AE102 portable gas calibrators are designed to accommodate all permeation tubes manufactured by Airwave. Providing a very low temperature coefficient, the models AE100/AE102 eliminate the need for temperature controlling devices. Both versatile and economical instruments, the model AE100 and AE102 are capable of performing most calibrations requirements.


Operational Principal:

The focal point of the AE100/AE102 operation is the Airwave permeation tube. The permeation tube is a pressurized cylinder containing pure calibrations gas. A permeable membrane allows a control flow of gas to continuously escape from the tube which is measured in (nanograms/minute). The calibration gas mixes with free air delivered by a flow controlled air pump, which is powered by a nine volt battery. The combination of the controlled escape of gas and the free air flow determine the final calibrated gas output. The permeation tube is a temperature dependant device with a useable range of 0-50 Celcius. A thermometer located on the face plate determines the internal temperature of the AE100 and the AE102. A chart documenting the change in output concentration versus internal temperature is provided on the side of both instruments.

Gas Calibrator Portable


  • Proven Technology
  • Simple One Step Operation
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Compact
  • Designed for Laboratory or Field Use
  • No Temperature Controlling Devices
  • Customer Specified Range from 1ppm to 200ppm
  • Optional Dual Range Output
  • Low Cost Replaceable Tubes
  • Multiple Gas Sources Available
  • Minimum Maintenance