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About the Product


  • Non contact detection
  • Instant results
  • Proven technology
  • Multiple front panel diagnostics
  • Digital display
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Up to 20 spectra signatures in memory


By exploiting the mechanism of absorption of infra-red (IR) electromagnetic energy by the gas molecules, it is possible to determine the presence, and quantity, of gas between the detection system and a distant source of IR energy. Each gas has a unique absorption pro-file or ‘fingerprint’ Such that the wavelengths at which it absorbs, or emits, depend on its molecular structure. Consequently, detection and quantification of specific gases, while in the presence of other species, are possible.

Operational Principal:

The GasCam Passive Remote Gas Detector introduced here is a wide band spectrometer that uses Fourier transform methods operating in the IR (FTIR). Based on the Michelson interferometer, the instrument is a complex electro-optic measurement tool that enables detailed spectral analysis of the received energy. The information made available by such systems allows more than just the ability to monitor a single known gas. A number of selected gases can be monitored simultaneously, or the amount and identity of un-specified gases ascertained. While this capability has been available in the laboratory for a long time, it has required technological advances and innovative development spanning several years to produce a device that is suitable for field deployment. State-of-the-art techniques, devices and materials have been brought together in a robust, portable and simple to use sensor that offers a capability that has been missing from the range of existing gas detection systems.

High Reliability Electronics:

The Gascam utilizes current solid state electronics for years of trouble free operation and minimal down time. Solid state timers, optical isolated circuits and high quality amplifiers and associated circuitry are just a few examples of the state of the art features available with the Gascam.

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