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The Calsmart 116-litre refillable cylinder is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cylinders.

 More calibration gas, less cost per litre, environmentally conscientious. It's a simple choice,

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Airwave Electronics Ltd

Started in 1984, Airwave Electronics Ltd is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta specializing in the manufacture and sales of gas detection equipment. Our product line is extensive, servicing a diversified client base, with primary focus in the oil and gas marketplace. Products include air pollution monitors, data acquisition/control equipment, stationary gas detection systems, portable personal gas detectors, gas calibrators, gas permeation devices, and solid state gas sensors.

Having proven success with its ground based analyzers, Airwave has modified the AE2420 FID Hydrocarbon Analyzer to operate in a moving instrument platform for Aerial Pipeline Leak Surveillance of gas and liquid pipelines. Along with the hydrocarbon analyzer, a GPS(Global Positioning System) and Data Acquisition System complete the platform, which is mounted in a fixed wing aircraft and flown 100 to 200 feet above the ground, at a speed of 100 MPH. The hydrocarbon anomalies are recorded and leaks are confirmed by means of a surface investigation. This patented system has been used to survey over 40,000 miles of pipeline in Canada and the United States to date.